Taylor Swift’s Diet And Workout Secrets

The pretty singer and actor, Taylor Swift, never seen with extra pounds of fat on her petite figure and fitness remains an indispensable part of her life. Apart from eating suitable foods to stay fit and working out, she also does her best to stay in good spirits most of the time.

Taylor Swift’s Diet And Workout Secrets

So, would you like to know Taylor Swift’s diet plan? Here you go!

The Details Of Taylor Swift’s Diet:

For her thousands of fans, Taylor Swift’s bestselling albums and film appearances hold as much interest as her fitness and diet secrets. Unlike what many people may think, the lady does not starve herself to maintain a thin figure, and neither does she cut out a lot of dishes from her meals for that hourglass figure. In fact, she dislikes using the word ‘diet’ personally, and instead maintains a healthy eating habit and a strict workout regime.

1. Hydrating The Body, With Plain Water:

Taylor Swift believes that to maintain a fit and well-toned body, you should keep it hydrated. For this, drinking plenty of fluids is an absolute necessity. She drinks about 10 bottles of water per day, which makes some of her friends crack jokes. However, the lady knows the benefits of keeping her body hydrated. She is so particular about drinking water that she carries a case in her vehicle as well.

2. Healthy Eating During Weekdays:

Taylor Swift adheres to eating healthy on weekdays. She sticks to eating salads, sandwiches, and yogurt mostly. She makes it a point to avoid sugary drinks. Overall, she eats light meals, but does not make it too drastic. She uses salads to beat the cravings for sweets. Sometimes, she bundles in plenty of vegetables and fish with salads to get nutrients in adequate amounts.

3. A Little Indulgence For Taste Buds On Weekends:

Everyone feels like indulging in his or her favorite dishes occasionally, even if those are heavy in calories. Taylor Swift is no exception. On weekends, she indulges in gorging on calorie heavy comfort foods without hesitation. She prefers munching on a tiny burger and fries. A scoop of ice cream is yet another of her favorites! She also loves gorging on cookies and toffees made by her mother, despite knowing they are high in calories.

4. Cooking For Pleasing Taste Buds, Sometimes:

She is also interested in cooking, and especially baking. She bakes cookies from time to time. In winter, she loves making pumpkin breads for her family. Starbucks is another of her favorites, and she prefers the pumpkin spice latte. Apart from baking, she occasionally likes to cook new and easy-to-make dishes, reveals the singer. At times, she cooks chicken and pasta for friends and family too.

5. Foods She Keeps In Her Refrigerator:

She keeps some common foods in her fridge always, says the young singer. Egg is used mostly for making her breakfasts. She also likes to keep thinly sliced ham. She chooses orange juice for beverages apart from water. Swift occasionally drinks diet coke. She also prefers having Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

6. Healthy Snacking:

When she is outside home or touring, snacking becomes a necessity for the pretty singer. She tries to adhere to healthy snacks despite giving in to occasional cravings for cheeseburgers. She drinks Swift Shake- a drink, which was made by Dr. Oz for her. It contains peanut butter, dried cranberries, ground flaxseed with chocolate chips.

Expert View On The Diet Habits Of Taylor Swift:

Diet experts and nutritionists think the diet plan Taylor Swift adheres to is near perfect, and will suit the needs of the young generation obsessed with slim figures. Elisabetta Politi, associated with Diet and Fitness Center of Duke University, thinks it is a very practical approach to foods and eating. Swift eats light without taking things to the extreme, drinks plenty of water, and resorts to junk foods only occasionally. She wisely chooses not to drink sugary beverages that tend to put on fat. On top of all, she does not deprive her taste buds and eats instinctively rather than adhering to a strict calorie chart. The fact that she is skinny helps her a lot as well.

Taylor Swift’s Fitness Regime:

Apart from eating mindfully, the talented actor-singer also does her best to stay slim and toned, as it is. Swift is particular about maintaining her cardio routine exercise, according to sources close to the singer. She is not hyper about working out, but does things that help her stay fit and full of energy.

1. Regular Exercise Regime:

Like she does it with foods, Taylor Swift also sticks to a regular workout regime. She does not rely too much on her genes. She runs several miles each morning to keep her energy levels elevated. Apart from that, she also keeps herself occupied in other types of workouts. She attends gyms and works out hard. When she goes to the gym, she does not skimp on workouts at all.

2. Using A Treadmill:

Taylor Swift is quite tall and has lean legs that add to her beauty. She ensures her legs are toned and in shape at all times. For that purpose, she runs on a treadmill. She uses an elliptical trainer as well.

3. Sweating It Out:

Unlike some other celebs and her colleagues, Swift does not mind sweating it out. In fact, she does not care much about how it will make her look at that time! She believes in the concept of eliminating toxins from the body through working out and sweating. It also helps her keep fat at bay.

4. No Obsession With Pencil Slim Figure:

While working out is important for Swift, she is not exactly obsessed with attaining or retaining a super slim figure. She firmly believes in the concept that you should not work out just for slimming or losing weight. That can actually deter your progress.


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