Italian Diet, Makeup And Beauty Secrets

Italy is the land of pizzas and pasta. Sometimes it is still unbelievable how Italian men and women manage to stay fit and slim. Studies and research have shown that the Mediterranean diet plan actually consists of some of the best foods which can help a person to stay healthy. Italian people know how to maintain their diet and lifestyle. They believe in sticking to natural ways to keep their olive skin glowing and their body fit, without rigorous exercises.

  Italian Diet, Makeup And Beauty Secrets

1. Italians love to enjoy their meal. As we all know, it is very important to chew the food we eat properly. It helps in good digestion and proper absorption of nutrients from food. Italians follow this technique. They enjoy their food and engage in a leisurely talk while dining. They even take strolls or short walks with their loved ones after dining or after lunch. They usually avoid snacking in between meals. If they do snack, it mostly comprises of nuts or other nutritional food.

3. Italian dessert mainly consists of fresh fruits. Fresh fruits do not generally require added sugar because they are already sweet. This, therefore, becomes another easy weight loss technique for Italians. Fresh seasonal fruits are served as a dessert, either mixed with a bit of wine or mostly balsamic vinegar. Sugary cakes and cookies are rare, and mostly reserved for special celebration days.

  Italian Diet, Makeup And Beauty Secrets

4. To look like the most beautiful Italian women, we suggest that you pamper your hair with natural hair masks every now and then. Once in a while, you can do a hot olive oil massage which will also enhance blood circulation in the scalp.

5.  Avoid switching products. Pick a good brand of skin care and try to stick to it if you are getting good results.

6. Pencil thin eyebrows are not the choice of Italian women. They like to keep it a bit natural and yet in shape. If you have thin eye brows, try to fill in the thinness with dots from a brown or black liner pencil. This will make your eyebrows appear thicker and fuller.


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